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Our Transportation Services

Agricultural Oils & Fertilizers

Jade Transport has been servicing the Agricultural industry of North America since 1985. With its headquarters in Winnipeg, which is considered “the Heart of the Continent”, Jade Transport is ideally situated to service the agri-business of the Canadian Prairies and the Mid-West United States. More specifically, as a specialty bulk liquid carrier, Jade is involved in many of the processes of these industries. Having transported everything from the chemicals that go into fertilizers and the fertilizers themselves, to food grade consumer-ready oils, Jade has the experience and equipment necessary to service your Agribusiness needs.

Operating Areas:

  • Canada: All of Canada

  • United States: All of the Continental USA.

List of Commodities:

Types of Oils

  • Canola Oil

  • Soy Bean Oil

  • Linseed Oil

  • Vegetable Oil

Grades of Oils:

  • Crude / Feed Grade / Industrial Grade

  • Food Grade / Kosher

  • By-Products of the Refining Process

  • Soap Stock

  • Animal Feed & Animal By-Products

  • Livestock Feed

  • Tallow / Choice White Grease

  • Sucrose / Fructose

  • Fertilizers

  • Herbicides

Chemical Services

Transporting chemicals in bulk is at the core of what Jade Transport does. To us, bulk liquid and chemical transportation is more than just a job, safely moving your chemicals from point A to point B is truly our passion. With an award winning fleet of eighty and more than a hundred stainless steel tankers, we are able to haul a wide array of products; from acids and oils to solvents and waste. Our drivers are trained to provide safe transport and handling.

Jade Transport is a bulk liquid carrier located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the geographical center of Canada. Winnipeg is a major junction for East-West and North-South traffic, providing an ideal location for a transport company to service all of Canada and the continental USA.

Operating Areas:

  • Canada: All of Canada

  • United States: All of the Continental USA

Food Grade Services

​In the food industry, cleanliness and security are of the utmost importance. Jade Transport has been actively hauling food grade & kosher products for more than twelve years; we not only understand the regulations, but the ins and outs of getting the product delivered exactly as you require it. Adhering to each product’s strict list of acceptable last contained products and maintaining our tankers’ certifications is what we do even before the tanker arrives at your facility to load. Once loaded, we completely seal the tanker to ensure your customer gets precisely what they ordered.

Operating Areas:

  • Canada: All of Canada

  • United States: All of the Continental USA.

Asphalt Services


Jade Transport services the road construction industries in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Minnesota, North & South Dakota, and Montana. We understand that in our climate, you have to pave roads while the sun is shining. Flexibility and consistency are the rules of the game and over the years, we have learned that each situation requires a different approach to the same solution; product delivered on time, every time.

Our experienced staff is able to work with you to plan the logistics and delivery of your bulk liquid needs. We have designed our fleet of asphalt tankers to maximize payload in multiple provinces and states, while strictly adhering to laws and regulations. With this specialty fleet of equipment, we are able to maximize your efficiency by devoting the right combinations of trucks and trailers to your specific job. 

Operating Areas:

  • Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario

  • United States: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota


  • More Plant Uptime

  • When operating a plant, downtime kills your productivity and pushes projects over budget. Through proper management of our resources, we are able to provide you with more uptime.

  • Communication is key when functioning in such a volatile industry.

  • Our asphalt dispatchers are on call 24/7

  • Our dispatchers have also been involved in the oil delivery process from both the trucking and the office end, and know what is expected and what is realistic.

Oilfield Services


Looking for oilfield services? We are partnered with West Coast Oilfield Services 2017 Ltd. Contact West Coast Oilfield Services for rates.


Custom Truck Parts

Visit Shift Products for custom aftermarket fenders & stainless accessories.

Truck Wash Services


Come by next door to Omega Truck Wash for a variety of options for keeping your truck and trailer polished and clean. Contact for rates.

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