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Bulk Liquid Transportation
Servicing all of Canada and the continental USA

At Jade, we know that shipping liquids is complex and dangerous.

We are passionate about seeing each load delivered safely and in a polished manner. 

Because we believe when liquids are handled properly, the world is a safer place.

Jade Transport Driver - Terry Sturby

"People who are spending two thirds of their time away from home in a truck should be driving something that they can take pride in and be comfortable in."

Larry Dyck
President of Jade Transport

Latest News

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We’re excited to share that we’re participating in the Live in Winnipeg international hiring mission to Europe in June 2023 and are looking forward to connecting with skilled job seekers in the trucking industry. If you are located in Europe and are ready to take the next step in your career and relocate to Canada, please register and apply here:

Our Transportation Services

Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services

Jade Transport has been servicing the Agricultural industry of North America since 1985. With its headquarters in Winnipeg, which is considered “the Heart of the Continent”, Jade Transport is ideally situated to service the agri-business of the Canadian Prairies and the Mid-West United States.

Chemical Services

Chemical Services

Transporting chemicals in bulk is at the core of what Jade Transport does. To us, bulk liquid and chemical transportation is more than just a job, safely moving your chemicals from point A to point B is truly our passion.

Asphalt Services

Asphalt Services

Jade Transport services the road construction industries in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Minnesota, North & South Dakota, and Montana. We understand that in our climate, you have to pave roads while the sun is shining.

Food Grade Services

Food Grade Services

In the food industry, cleanliness and security are of the utmost importance. Jade Transport has been actively hauling food grade & kosher products for more than twelve years; we not only understand the regulations, but the ins and outs of getting the product delivered exactly as you require it.


Company Certifications & Memberships

Driver Certifications & Memberships

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