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Asphalt Transportation / Construction

Jade Transport services the road construction industries in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Minnesota, North & South Dakota, and Montana. We understand that in our climate, you have to pave roads while the sun is shining. Flexibility and consistency are the rules of the game and over the years, we have learned that each situation requires a different approach to the same solution; product delivered on time, every time.

Our experienced staff is able to work with you to plan the logistics and delivery of your bulk liquid needs. We have designed our fleet of asphalt tankers to maximize payload in multiple provinces and states, while strictly adhering to laws and regulations. With this specialty fleet of equipment, we are able to maximize your efficiency by devoting the right combinations of trucks and trailers to your specific job. For some, this may mean feeding your plant with 300 plus tons of asphalt cement every day or delivering one load, at the right time of day, to keep your crew moving forward. Essentially, it comes down to getting the job done and we know what it takes.

Benefits for You:

  • More Plant Uptime: Because you are paid to work, not paid to wait
  • When operating a plant, downtime kills your productivity and pushes projects over budget. Through proper management of our resources, we are able to provide you with more uptime.
  • Communication is key when functioning in such a volatile industry.
  • Our asphalt dispatchers are on call 24/7 so there is never a missed call.
  • Our dispatchers have also been involved in the oil delivery process from both the trucking and the office end, and know what is expected and what is realistic.

Well maintained and up-to-date equipment. The management of Jade Transport is committed to having the most current and capable fleet of asphalt tankers within their market region. This means less equipment breakdowns and when it is time to unload, the product comes off the tanker.


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Tankers designed to fit means more product delivered per trip

  • With our specially designed tankers, you receive more product per truck load. These maximized payload tankers not only save time, but also reduce the amount of trips necessary to complete the job.
  • Less trips means less waste. By increasing our efficiency, we are able to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and the waste caused from wear and tear.
  • Jade Transport has focused its equipment design to make the most of the regulations in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota.

Rental Tankers: Allowing you to work at your convenience

  • We have tankers available for rent at daily, weekly, and monthly rates, for on-site storage. This allows you to work when you are ready or when weather permits.
  • We deliver the tanker wherever and whenever you need it. Give us a call when you are done with it and we will pick it up. Or we can bring you another loaded tanker and just switch it out, that way you never run out of product.

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