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Tanker Transportation Service Industries


Jade Transport has been servicing the Agricultural industry of North America since 1985. With its headquarters in Winnipeg, which is considered “the Heart of the Continent”, Jade Transport is ideally situated to service the agri-business of the Canadian Prairies and the Mid-West United States. More specifically, as a specialty bulk liquid carrier, Jade is involved in many of the processes of these industries. Having transported everything from the chemicals that go into fertilizers and the fertilizers themselves, to food grade consumer-ready oils, Jade has the experience and equipment necessary to service your Agribusiness needs.

Some of the agribusiness products that we have experience transporting are:

Compatible Product Quick Reference Guide

  • Plant Based Oils
    • Types of Oils
      • Canola Oil
      • Soy Bean Oil
      • Linseed Oil
      • Vegetable Oil
    • Grades of Oils
      • Crude / Feed Grade / Industrial Grade
      • Food Grade / Kosher
    • By-Products of the Refining Process
    • Soap Stock
    • Animal Feed & Animal By-Products
    • Livestock Feed
    • Tallow / Choice White Grease
    • Sucrose / Fructose
    • Fertilizers
    • Herbicides
    • Fertilizers

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Specialty Services

From large contracts of hundreds of loads, to single deliveries direct to your farmyard, our specialized services include:

Multiple Unloading Capabilities

  • Jade Transport equips its trucks with Product Pumps & High Capacity Air Compressors. Whether we are unloading into multiple totes or a single storage tank, we have the appropriate capability to unload your product in the safest and most efficient manner.

Load Heating & In-transit Heat: Keeping your load at the right temperature

  • Jade’s tankers are designed with in-transit heat coils that allow us to maintain the loading temperature of your product, no matter what the distance is.
  • In the event that your product is too cold to offload, we can have the product’s temperature brought up, by running steam through the coils.

Multiple Compartment & Split Drop Loads

  • With our two and three compartment tankers, we can deliver multiple products at one time.
  • We are also able to split loads between multiple locations, allowing for smaller loads or cost-sharing.

Food Grade or Kosher Service o See the Food Grade / Kosher Page Temporary Storage o Tankers of various sizes and types are available for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. o We deliver the tanker directly to your site and pick it up when the job is done.


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