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Chemical Transportation

Transporting chemicals in bulk is at the core of what Jade Transport does. To us, bulk liquid and chemical transportation is more than just a job, safely moving your chemicals from point A to point B is truly our passion. With an award winning fleet of sixty-five trucks and more than sixty stainless steel tankers, we are able to haul a wide array of products; from acids and oils to solvents and waste.

Jade Transport is a truckload carrier located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the geographical center of Canada. Winnipeg is a major junction for East-West and North-South traffic, providing an ideal location for a transport company to service all of Canada and the continental USA.

Are you able to haul my product?

Jade Transport is a for-hire bulk liquid and chemical transportation company. Our fleet of trailers consists of stainless steel, aluminum, and rubber lined tankers. We are capable of hauling a wide variety of liquids ranging from chemicals and acids to food grade products and asphalt cement.

Where do you haul?

Our service area consists of all of Canada and the continental USA. We will transport your product from Florida to Alaska or British Columbia to Newfoundland and everything in between. The Jade fleet is made up of a diverse mix of Peterbilts that are custom-built to handle everything from cruising the I-94 into Chicago or picking our way along the Dempster Hwy to Inuvik.

Phone or email us to find out how we will get your product where it needs to go.

How much payload can you haul?

Payload is based on far too many factors for us to give a generic answer. We have many different combinations of trucks and trailers that are able to maximize payload across various regions. Our typical combination is a three axle tractor and a tandem tanker, but we also offer four axle tractors and many types of trailers. Our transportation specialists will work with you to determine what configurations will help maximize your payload and reduce unnecessary trips.

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