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Company Certifications & Memberships


ISO 9001:2008

Jade Transport first achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification on September 5, 2000. Through documented quality processes and goals, and a culture of continuous improvement, Jade Transport has demonstrated a strong track record of customer satisfaction and a history of achieving our quality objectives. Our Quality Management system was upgraded to the current ISO standard: 9001:2008 in 2009. 


BSI - ISO Certificate BSI - ISO Certificate (435 KB)


C-TPAT (Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

In June of 2005 Jade Transport Ltd. voluntarily joined this unique US Customs Supply Chain security program for shippers, consignees, and carriers. This programs verifiable processes, has ensured secure access to the U.S. market and shorter wait times at the border for us and our customers' cargo. Carriers are revalidated every three years.


PIP (Partners in Protection)

Originally certified in 2004, PIP is Canada's response to a safe and secure supply chain policy. It has in most recent years been made robust, finally achieving mutual recognition status with C-TPAT in the USA. Customers have the same level of protection with Northbound and Southbound cargo.

CRA-CSA (Canada Revenue Agency-Customs Self Assessment)

Jade is also CSA approved for those customers or importers requiring this program which is part of the FAST program. The advantage of being approved is that it gives Jade Transport access to FAST lanes, streamlined reporting, facilitating border crossing for our customers' Northbound cargo.



Member since August of 2009. ISNetworld operates a comprehensive data base on contractor compliance with workplace health and safety policies, procedures, and incident data. This information is available to chemical and petroleum industry partners. Our partners have unique insight into our safety record and committment to safe work practices and procedures.



WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)

of our employees are WHMIS trained and we have certified trainers on staff.

Hazardous Waste License (British Columbia to Ontario, Alliance for Uniform Hazmat Registration)

British Columbia Licence to Transport Hazardous Waste #: LT1039
Manitoba Hazardous Waste Transporter Licence #: MB2000897
Ontario Provisional Certificate of Approval Waste Management System #: A900233
Alliance for Uniform HazMat Transportation Procedures #: MND985688167
Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration #: 060512553048UW
California Hazardous Materials Transportation License #: 201880
Colorado Hazardous Materials Permit #: HMP-02463
Wisconsin Hazardous Waste Transport Service License #: 16019


OU Kosher - COR Certification

Originally certified in 2000, at Jade we seek to tailor our service to suit each customer's specific needs.  In 2000 we responded to the needs of our Jewish customers by becoming OU Kosher certified. We have dedicated certain trailers to be Food Grade Kosher and we are continuously audited, approximately every 6 months without warning. OU Kosher is recognized throughout most of North America.

US DOT Safety Rating

Satisfactory: Audited June of 2008.


MTA (Manitoba Trucking Association)


Jade Transport has been a member of the MTA since March 2004. Participating at the board and executive level, Jade Transport's own Vice-President, Greg Arndt, is the current First Vice-President of the MTA. Jade Transport's membership with the MTA also means we have a voice with CTA (Canadian Trucking Alliance) at the national level.


ATA (American Trucking Associations)


Jade Transport Ltd. has been a proud member of ATA since 1997.

Driver Certifications & Qualifications:


FAST (Free And Secure Trade)

Date of original certification: February 12, 2007. FAST certification speeds things up at the border for the driver and the customer, and ensures that our drivers meet the highest standards in the industry. The majority of our drivers and owner-operators are FAST approved.

TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential)

The USA in an effort to secure the supply chain implemented the TWIC program which seeks to protect inland terminals. In order to access inland terminals and ports, drivers need a TWIC card. Over half of our drivers at Jade Transport are TWIC approved.

H2S Alive (Hydrogen Sulphide)

Drivers trained in H2S Alive have been trained to safely handle products containing hydrogren sulphide, typically crude oil products. This training allows our drivers to cater to your needs and gives us a wider range of service to our customers.